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The ‘Inventory and Stock Control System’ (ISCS) is designed for any business that desires a complete control over stock levels and inventory tracking. This software can be used either as a simple inventory control system or a complete manufacturing solution.

Perfect Computer Solutions provide several inventory control systems for warehouses, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores and for automation of point of sale. Our systems are powerful but still easy-to-use software and also continually enhance our software and release updates periodically.

Inventory and Invoice Control System has a pleasant, simple user interface which is facilitate users with managing customer details, supplier lists, stock information, invoices sales and payment receipts. This is in addition to product labels with bar-codes, stock deduction details, stock exchanges, stock outstanding calculation, ignoring invoices, printing receipts and generates statistical reports will facilitate monitoring your business.

ISCS features,

  • The simple intuitive interface.

  • Usage of 50 character alphanumeric product bar codes.

  • ISCS is a multi-user system.

  • You can create and print various types of management reports from our most powerful report wizard

  • The system is protected with data access control. It can restrict the unauthorized users from having full access to the database by limiting their access to certain management or confidential information.

  • Calculates real-time on hand, ordered allocated and available stock levels when orders or invoices are entering.

  • Supports partial payments and payment under several orders or receiving lists.

  • Supports using discounts and taxes in the invoices and orders.

  • Calculates real-time outstanding balance for each customer and supplier

  • Reorder level calculating for stocks

  • Backups and restores databases and many other powerful features.

ISCS is a full featured and high-performance inventory and invoice management software solution which is capable of controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring optimal stocks, and significantly increasing productivity.

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“I am truly satisfied with the product supplied and I am very impressed with the after sales service provided by the PCS team”.

Tissa Dhombawella
MLT - General Hospital, Colombo 5.

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